Web Programming & Consulting

Who in their right mind could resist working on a website for a party supply and gift boutique?! This project was so much fun. We were able to rebuild an entire e-commerce site from the ground up. With fun, fancy and fabulous as the guiding principles, we had a blast conceptualizing new and unique ways to not only showcase the shop, but also integrate cutting edge user interface in an intuitive and user-friently way.

The site is hosted through Shopify, with a stand-alone Wordpress blog. The challenge was designing a layout that would work for both platforms seamlessly. I was able to develop custom themes for both Shopify and Wordpress and link them together using a bit of behind the scenes JavaScript and JQuery legerdomain. From a user perspective, there is a single site, which is exactly what we were going for.

I also had a great time developing a fun, dynamic & user-friendly shopping cart system. A lot of thought and effort went into the design and coding of the site. The outcome is a worldclass website that reflects this pary supply store perfectly. Even better - online sales have skyrocketed since the launch of the new site!

  • Website planning & outlining

  • HTML & CSS coding

  • Unique Shopify theme

  • Custom shopping cart system

  • Liquid design

  • Full e-commerce platform

  • Responsive design

  • Mobile device friendly

  • Custom JavaScript and JQuery programming

  • Unique Wordpress theme

  • Site traffic evaluation & strategizing

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